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RAI Amsterdam
As the facilitating party, RAI Amsterdam creates the ideal conditions for inspiring meetings to take place in and strong ties to develop in. As the organising party, RAI Amsterdam connects context, content and communities utilising national and international, consumer and professional exhibitions. One of the key subjects of the international trade shows is water. On this subject RAI Amsterdam organizes  Aquatech Amsterdam, China and Mexico on water technology and Floodex Europe on flood control.

Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP)
The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) is a public-private network that acts as an independent coordination and information point for the Dutch water sector. Goal is to organize a strong Dutch water network. For over 10 years NWP encourages cooperation and coordination between the various parties in the Dutch water sector. This allows the Netherlands to contribute more to international water issues and solutions and strengthens its position in the international water market. For home and abroad NWP the central point for information on the Dutch water sector.

IWC International Water Conferences 
IWC International Water Conferences is the foundation of the Royal NetherlandsWater Network (KNW) which organizes international conferences on behalf of KNW. Since 1984 the foundation has organized a large number of international conferences in the field of drinking water, wastewater and water management.