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AIWW Leadership Programme

Achieving real breakthroughs focussing on cities, industries, and utilities


The AIWW 2017 Leadership Programme was about translating shared knowledge into action. Leaders from cities, industries, and utilities brought their current water cases to the table which were matched in roundtable sessions with relevant stakeholders and their expertise. The Leadership Programme aimed at achieving real breakthroughs focussing on action-oriented outcomes and building partnerships. That meant bringing together the right high level (water) community in specific Leaders Fora on Industries, Utilities and Cities and making interlinkages with other themes such as finance, urbanisation, and climate adaptation. The AIWW 2017 Leadership Programme took place on 31st of October and attracted over 250 worldwide leaders.

The results of the individual Leaders Fora 2017 are presented in the reports below, click on the pictures to download. 

 Industrial Leaders Forum                                             Utility Leaders Forum                                City Leaders Forum



Ongoing process

The AIWW Leadership Programme is an ongoing process. Together with the AIWW Community we have built upon the results of the first three biennial AIWWs (2011, 2013, 2015) for the 2017 programme, paving the way for the next AIWW in 2019.

Results of 2017

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