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Industry Leaders Forum

This year’s Industrial Leaders Forum (ILF) will be hosting a series of keynotes and round table discussions where cross sector professionals and disciplines from finance, consultancy, technology providers, utilities, NGO’s and the industrial sector will forward a new perspective on sustainable use of water and environment for now and in the future.

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Case example | AkzoNobel

Case name

Sectoral Supply Chain Connections for vibrant local markets of waste and raw materials

Case owner



Martijn Kruisweg, Manager Commercial Excellence and Sustainability Management, AkzoNobel

product-salt-lowres-tcm9-37729AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and performance coatings company and major producer of speciality chemicals, supplying essential ingredients, protection and colors to industries and consumers worldwide. The company wants to accelerate the transition to a circular economy and sustainable production in partnership with multiple sectors.  

Product, energy and water flows offer opportunities for complementary links which lead to reduced material use, energy savings, cost reductions and additional revenues. A highly integrated, dynamic and sustainable chain of companies that purchase each other's quality products, services and processes. This case will invoke dialogue to boost water into a value driver, not only for AkzoNobel but for the whole supply chain and users from cross sectoral activities and markets.

Industrial, Regional supply chain users from a.o.: chemical, metal processing, packaging, construction materials and energy producers. Besides regional connectors this case will invoke dialogue with supply chain stakeholders and experts for sharing insides and resources.

Topics to address, within the international context of the AIWW:

  • Recovery of valuable materials,
  • Factory Footprint and improved impact,
  • Similar regional supply chain initiatives,
  • Regional and local stakeholder participation processes,
  • Finance strategy and implementation,
  • Creation of vibrant new (material) markets and platforms to exchange knowledge,
  • Support in upgrading from pilot scale to full scale operational level (lessons learned),
  • Handling legislation issues.

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