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A look behind the scenes of Dutch Governance!

Have a look behinds the scene of Dutch Delta Planning! The Netherlands is the only country with a separate law for delta management, separate budget and a special delta commissioner. Logical, because the country is partly below sea level. During the...

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AIWW preview: Geoff Gage, McKinsey & Company

A foundation for forum debate on the circular economy With the circular economy high on the agenda during Amsterdam IWW, Geoff Gage, Partner at McKinsey & Company, has an important contribution to make. Gage is leader of the company’s global...

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AIWW Newsletter 17 - October 2015

In this newsletter :   AIWW CONFERENCE Integrated solutions for a circular economy and resilient cities The Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) combines three inspiring conference tracks with focus on Resilient cities, Urban...

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Track Specials: highlights on AIWW Conference tracks

The Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) is leading the way with three inspiring conference tracks: Track 1 - Urban resilience & adaptation to climate change (resilient cities) Track 2 - Urban utilities & the circular economy (urban...

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AIWW conference preview: Jan-Willem Vosmeer, Heineken

A brewery business contribution to better basins As an international brewer, HEINEKEN is well aware of concerns around water. Corporate Social Responsibility Manager Jan-Willem Vosmeer explains these are already well embedded in its sustainability...

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AIWW conference preview: Annette Ottolini, Evides

Water supplier input to industry’s move to a circular economy With industries of all types looking to make progress on the shift to a circular economy, the water utilities who supply them have a valuable part to play, according to Annette...

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