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AIWW conference preview: Willy Verstraete, Ghent University


Putting the spotlight on the re-use of reactive nitrogen from wastewater

Resource and energy from the water cycle means new products. New products need new users and buyers. During the AIWW Conference, the Solution Workshop “Water cycle recovery and reuse implementation” will focus on new technologies and products that accelerate this process. The workshop will have three issues: New Resources, New Energy and New Business (how to connect products to the market?). 

Prof. dr. ir. Willy Verstraete (Ghent University, KWR and Avecom) will deliver the keynote speech during this workshop.

Prof. dr. ir. Verstraete: “The cyclic economy is driven either by overarching policies such as the Paris agreement or by the demands of the consumers. Climate change will result in a more variable supply of water and this is a key issue in the context of the water cycle. This must be our first focus as water scientists. Yet, we like to draw the attention to a much less highlighted issue: the need to re-use reactive nitrogen present in our used water and waste. We can indeed harvest and upgrade this nitrogen by aerobic microbial fermentation and make the subsequent products fit perfectly in two highly prioritized contexts i.e. a) the need to supply more nutritious protein to feed the world, and b) the potential to attain the increase in Soil Organic Matter via the production of high quality organic fertilizers from various nitrogen sources. 

Both contexts certainly are novel, ready to be implemented at large scale and of generic interest to various regions of the planet. Both the policy makers and the consumers are waiting for our developments along these lines.” 


Wednesday 1 November 2017 | 09.00 – 10.30

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