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Amsterdam International Water Week conference calls for solutions and real life cases


Innovative approach aimed at achieving real breakthroughs

The Amsterdam International Water Week conference ‘Water….and nine billion people’ focuses on the transition to a circular and resilient water environment in high density living areas. To achieve real breakthroughs on this subject, the AIWW conference invites cities, industries, regions, countries, partnerships, institutions, to submit real life cases. The conference also calls on experts to submit their solutions, insights, innovations and best practices. We will be matching concrete, real life water cases and case owners to international experts and solutions. The AIWW conference aims for a series of agreements where cases owners, and – for example - experts, suppliers, investors, pledge to continue their work until they reach the goals that they have set.

Examples of cases

A case can be a city facing specific water challenges, an industry wishing to reduce its’ water footprint, a region wanting to increase agricultural yield with less water, and more. Dutch cities Amsterdam and Rotterdam and AkzoNobel Performance Coatings were the first pioneers to submit a case. Read their inspiring examples.

Examples of Solutions

A solution is anything that can help us in the transition to circular and resilient water environment in high density living areas. A game changing innovation, an in depth analyses, a best practice, new scientific insights, financial or governance models, etcetera. Solutions will be matched to cases or discussed in in depth solution labs, with other leading experts in the same field.

Call for cases and solutions

The complete call for cases and solutions is available here.  Abstracts of cases and solutions can be submitted starting February 2017. Deadline for submission is extended to April 14th 2017 (instead of March 31st 2017). Notice of acceptance will be June 14th 2017.

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