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Blue Deal - safe water for 20 million people


During the Amsterdam International Water Week, all 21 Dutch regional water authorities and the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Infrastructure and Water Management announced to set up an international program - the 'Blue Deal'. All parties signed the declaration of intent for this Blue Deal. On World Water Day this 22nd of March the final Blue Deal will be presented.

In the past months, the ministries and Dutch Water Authorities have concretized the Blue Deal in an ambitious implementation program that aims to help 20 million people in 40 catchment areas worldwide with clean, sufficient and safe water. Interested parties are welcome at World Water Day at Aqua for All (The Hague, the Netherlands) to attend the launch of the Blue Deal.


The Blue Deal combines the national policy of two ministries with the hands-on implementing power of the Dutch regional water authorities. Dutch Water Authorities wants to share its expertise in regional water management with countries that face similar challenges. In addition, Dutch Water Authorities believe that the Blue Deal will increase their ambitions to contribute to a safer, cleaner and healthier world. The Blue Deal allows us to bring our activities to a higher level and make a real difference.

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