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Final call: Wetskills is looking for participants


During the Amsterdam International Water Week 2017 the 'Wetskills Water Challenge' takes place from 19 October -2 November in The Netherlands. This challenge is the fourth homecoming edition of Wetskills, a new way of authentic learning and international networking for students and young professionals with a passion for water. In mixed teams, the international participants work on real life and transdisciplinary cases brought in by companies and (governmental) organisations from the Dutch water sector. This edition, the group of 20-25 students and young professionals will also be touring the Dutch delta in two weeks, visiting interesting and relevant water-related locations in The Netherlands.

The programme is taking shape and Wetskills has received applications from Romania, Iran, Oman, Egypt, Bangladesh and The Netherlands. But there is still room for participants! Wetskills is looking for students and young professionals from universities and organisations from across the globe, passionate about water and excited to work in mixed teams for transdisciplinary water solutions. Join Wetskills and apply for the Wetskills Water Challenge -The Netherlands 2017.

Check out the website www.wetskills.com for the application form and more information.

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