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New Venture Fund supports the Sarphati Sanitation Awards


This year the New Venture Fund for Global Policy and Advocacy supports the Sarphati Sanitation Awards for the second time. The Sarphati Sanitation Awards 2017 aim to acknowledge individuals who have given their best to create a breakthrough in terms of access to sanitation. In 2015 the Life Time Achievement winner was Dr Kamal Kar, Founder of the CLTS Foundation, because of his contribution to create awareness on sanitation especially in rural areas, in over 50 countries. This year, the New Venture Fund will help acknowledge ‘The Sarphati of our times’: a sanitation hero who has achieved exceptional progress in a specific city or area in developing countries which will inspire others.

The focus of the Sarphati Sanitation Award for Young Entrepreneurs will be on innovative business models which help to meet the sanitation challenge by generating products and income to improve and expand sanitation services. Dr Sarphati did all this in the city of Amsterdam more than a century ago. He inspires us more than ever if we consider the huge waste water challenge in fast growing cities. His example will inspire the Sarphati Sanitation Jury to select the winners for SSA 2017.

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