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The Amsterdam Agreements: Pledging to Find Solutions Together



For the first time at the AIWW Conference, we will be matching pre-selected real life water cases with suitable solutions developed by international experts. By doing so, the AIWW wants to achieve real breakthroughs in creating a sustainable water environment in high density living areas. Case owners, experts, suppliers and investors pledge to continue their work in the coming years until they have reached their goals. We launch this initiative as the Amsterdam Agreements. They underline the importance of new coalitions between cities, industries and utilities with a long term commitment. An update of their progress will be presented during the AIWW Conference in 2019. 

The Amsterdam Agreements will support new partnerships and scaling up of new solutions and it is expected they will focus on cooperation in three areas:

1. Research Agreements

During the AIWW a lot of challenges for cities, utilities and industries will be discussed. The search for innovative and efficient solutions for these challenges often requires extensive research.

2. Public-Private Agreements

Public organizations such as cities and utilities develop innovations that can be of interest for other public or private organizations. Some public organizations try to sell their experience by themselves, in some cases by setting up a dedicated company. Because such sales are not a core expertise of the organization, these companies operate with varying degrees of success. In some cases a Public-Private Agreement can be a better solution. Private companies bring in their market experience. Public partners are reliable and can be the launching customer that helps the private partner to find new clients. It is very important though to have a transparent business model, because public organizations often have to respect strict laws and rules, that complicate forming a partnership with a private company.

3. Public-Public Agreements

Public organizations such as cities and utilities develop innovations that can be of interest for other public organizations. Sharing expertise, best practices and experiences contribute to the acceleration of innovation and upscaling of solutions. Other aspects to share are public awareness, social change, new customer concepts, climate change and a circular design of assets.


Are you planning to launch a new partnership during the AIWW, or to take an existing partnership to the next level? The AIWW can provide you with a stage, as well as the possibility to present your progress and results during the AIWW of 2019. Please consult our Amsterdam Agreements leaflet for more information.

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