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Inspirational programme set for Amsterdam International Water Week Conference

The Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW, 2 – 6 november) sets the stage for the transition to ‘integrated solutions for the circular economy and resilient cities’. The worldwide felt urgency for this transition has brought together an unmissable array of speakers, including EU Commissioner Karmanu Vella (Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries) Dutch Minister of Infrastructure & the Environment Melanie Schultz van Haegen and Eberhard van der Laan, mayor of Amsterdam. 

The wide and varied conference programme covers issues and challenges ranging from green roofs to smartphone detection of leaks, and will forge links between water and sanitation, flood and coastal management, food, agriculture, finance and governance. 

AIWW’s reputation as the platform for integrated solutions is further cemented in the keynote sessions which are due to showcase contributions from World Resources Institute CEO Andrew Steer, mr Peter Joo Hee NG, the CE of Singapore’s National Water Agency PUB, Mrs. Monica Scatasta, Head Division Water and Waste Management, European Investment Bank, and Jan-Willem Vosmeer, Manager Corporate Social Responsibility, Heineken International. Key notes and panel will also feature Mr. John Batten, Global Water and Global Cities Director, Arcadis, Prof. Janusz Zaleski, Director Project Coordination Unit, World Bank Poland, Mr. Paul Joel Derian, Senior Vice President Research & Innovation, Suez Environnement, and many more. (See attached the preliminary list of speakers).

The conference programme:

Professionals attending the event can choose between three main topic tracks that explore the transition to a circular economy and resilient cities through relevant and challenging sessions and workshops. 

Track 1, urban resilience and adaptation to climate change, will focus on a spread of issues including flood resilient cities, innovative urban design and climate change mitigation. Workshops will concentrate on issues including flood resilient catchments, stormwater resilient cities, and managing urban water in the cities of the future. Mayors, city planners and major investors come together at the Resilient Cities Leaders Forum. 

Track 2, urban utilities and the circular economy, will look at the opportunities for accelerating towards closing the urban water and used water loops, and the resources involved in this process. Sessions will cover issues including smart water loss reduction, stormwater management strategies, and resource recovery and the circular economy. Workshop topics include innovation in sanitation and smart water networks in 2020 (SWAN). At the Utility Leaders Forum, key representatives of the sector will set up a framework for the transition to a circular economy. 

Track 3, sustainable production and industrial response: reduce, reuse, recover, will focus on the growing interest in turning water risks into opportunities, and the challenges of operationalizing the concept of water stewardship. CEO’s (Heineken, SAB Miller, etc) discuss the use and supply of water at the Industry Leaders Forum. 

Sessions topics include technologies for industrial wastewater treatment and reuse, and water efficient food production; workshops will spotlight industrial water solutions and water footprint assessment and efficiency. 

The breadth of the conference vision is illustrated by the session on innovative water treatment processes and technologies, which will look at both high tech (forward osmosis and ultrafiltration) and sustainable options (innovative mussel filters). The wide and varied mix of topics showcased at AIWW fulfils the key aim of providing a platform that brings people together to share solutions. 

See attached the preliminary list of speakers and panellists

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