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Realizing water solutions for densely populated areas

Conference program Amsterdam International Water Week launched

Friday 23 June, the conference programme of Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) will be launched. The conference focusses on the ambition to achieve breakthroughs in real-life water challenges, in particular in densely populated areas: from water shortage to floods, and climate change to medication in waste water. Cities, industries and water companies have contributed issues they want to resolve. At AIWW, these will be linked to solutions by experts and innovative technologies. 

The conference is part of the Amsterdam International Water Week. This bi-annual week-long event will be held this year for the fourth time, from 30 October to 3 November. The week is one of the largest water events in Europe, comprising of an international conference, the well known Aquatech trade fair, the new ‘Floodex’ trade fair, and various awards and excursions. The previous event attracted approximately 25,000 professionals.

During the launch of the programme at Waternet in Amsterdam, Mark van Loosdrecht (TU Delft) and John Batten (Arcadis) introduce the key water issues the world is facing and which will be discussed during the event. Population growth and climate change confront experts with complex challenges that have to be addressed together. Roelof Kruize (Waternet and Co-chair AIWW Management Board) presents the AIWW conference programme at the launch, and formulates the ambition as follows: “We seek to build coalitions that solve real problems together. This is a unique approach.”

Summary of events during the week:

AIWW Conference
‘Water…and nine billion people’ is the title of the conference held in Amsterdam from 30 October to 1 November. It addresses water solutions for growing densely populated areas, and the challenges faced by politicians, policy-makers, CEOs, scientists and citizens. Another theme is Water & Crisis (water as an underlying cause for conflicts and refugee flows).
Delegations are expected from dozens of cities and countries: from Hamburg to Rotterdam, from Panama to New York. Approximately sixty delegates from international companies such as AB-Inbev, Akzo Nobel, Accenture and CDP Water will take part in so-called Industry Sessions. Financial institutions (World Bank, Rabobank, ING) also take part. Unique for this conference are the Amsterdam Agreements: existing real-life water issues, contributed by cities, industries and water companies will be linked to solutions. The participating parties will continue their collaboration until the next Amsterdam International Water Week in 2019. The ambition is that this will not only result in the exchange of knowledge, but also in actual breakthroughs.

Aquatech Amsterdam
Aquatech Amsterdam is the largest trade fair for process, drinking and waste water. Over 21,000 experts from 140 countries visit the fair for the latest products and innovations. This year, the exhibition space sold out in record speed: over 900 exhibitors will cover 48,000 meters of exhibition space, making the event larger than ever. There is ample attention to innovation, with amongst others the new Innovation Avenue, and the Aquatech Innovation Awards.

Floodex Europe
The newly launched Floodex Europe trade fair will run parallel to Aquatech during Amsterdam International Water Week at Amsterdam RAI at the end of this year. The fair focusses on equipment, solutions and technologies to limit and prevent floods. Urbanisation is rapidly increasing and climate change leads to more intensive precipitation. This makes the risk of floods an important agenda item everywhere in the world, and indeed also in Europe. The launch of Floodex Europe provides for the growing demand for equipment, solutions and products to combat this risk.

In addition to these events, Amsterdam International Water Week offers awards, excursions to innovative projects in the Netherlands and a comprehensive Young Water Professionals Programme.

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