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Amsterdam International Water Week Conference 2017

Water... and 9 billion people

Water management has entered into a new era of complex and unpredictable risks, challenges and opportunities. As economies grow, so does the demand for water and the impact on the world's resources. With a growing world population, climate change and encroaching demographic and economic changes, global leaders need to address multiple issues to secure the sustainable use of water in the future. In our Postion Paper we have set out our ambitions for the AIWW Conference.

Amsterdam International Water Week Conference is doing something new in 2017. Matching concrete international water cases to the right  international experts  and leaders allows us to be both practical and in-depth, and so achieve real breakthroughs in the transition to a circular and resilient water environment for high density living. 

Our call for cases and solutions is closed. For more information, please contact conference@amsterdamiww.com.




AIWW 2017: the 4 main challenges

AIWW 2017 has identified the four main water challenges facing the cities and industries of tomorrow. These challenges are the binding principle in all cases, the indepth labs and other contributions.

1. Water efficiency and Value
Keywords: value chain, growth, water efficiency, water footprint, water stewardship, compliance, viable investments, economies of scale, FIIG, asset management, finance strategy and implementation, blue economy and resilient business models.

2. Water management and Resilience
Keywords: climate change & water resilient (urban) structures, collaborative and transformative adaptation, transition infrastructure and (re)designing with water, adaptive water allocation and resilient industries, infrastructure and utilities models.

3. Institutional transition and Governance
Keywords: resilient governance, institutional capacity, water partnerships, governance, partnering and transboundary dialogue.

4. Innovative water system implementations
Keywords: recovery of valuable materials like calcium pallets, bioplastics, alginate and fertilizers, energy and nutrients, ammonia from digestate, solid dry brine from desalination, alginate from granular sludge, management of micro pollutants, desalination, decentralized treatment.


AIWW Edition 2017

Have a sneak peak at the first outline!


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