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Leadership Programme

The AIWW 2017 theme is ‘Water...and nine billion people’. Water management has entered into a new era of complex and unpredictable risks, challenges and opportunities. As economies grow, so does the demand for water and the impact on world’s resources. With a growing world population, climate change and encroaching demographic changes, global leaders need to address multiple issues for a sustainable water future. This is why the Amsterdam International Water Week invites worlds industrial, city and utility water leaders to the AIWW Leadership Programme.

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The AIWW Leadership Programme is about translating shared knowledge into action. Leaders from cities, industries and utilities will bring their water issues to the table. These are real water cases which will be matched with the relevant stakeholders and experts. By bringing the right high level community together, we aim to achieve real breakthroughs and decisions. Together with stakeholders from international institutions, experts and investors, steps will be taken to achieve breakthroughs for different cases subjects and issues.

AIWW not only discusses with the global water leaders of the world what the challenges are, but also their interlinkages with climate and thus with energy, food, urbanization and globalization. AIWW brings leaders together in thought-provoking sessions to get to breakthrough solutions, ideas and innovations that can help change both the narrative and reality of water risks. Outcome of all session are action oriented and aimed at building partnerships. 

The schedule of the Leadership Programme at Tuesday October 31:

09.00 - 10.30 Conference Keynote Session
11.00 - 12.30 Plenary City/Utility/Industry Leaders Forum
14.00 - 15.30 Round table session City/Utility/Leaders Forum*
16.00 - 17.30 Integrated Leaders Forum 
17.30 - 18.15 Trade Fair Reception
19.00 - 22.00 AIWW Leaders Dinner at Amsterdam Tower **
  * Invitation only, with limited access for a number of delegates who are interested in joining the forum
  ** Invitation only

Examples of cases

CASE 1 | Industry

Case name

Sectoral Supply Chain Connections for vibrant local markets of waste and raw materials

Case owner



Martijn Kruisweg, Manager Commercial Excellence and Sustainability Management, AkzoNobel

product-salt-lowres-tcm9-37729AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and performance coatings company and major producer of speciality chemicals, supplying essential ingredients, protection and colors to industries and consumers worldwide. The company wants to accelerate the transition to a circular economy and sustainable production in partnership with multiple sectors.  

Product, energy and water flows offer opportunities for complementary links which lead to reduced material use, energy savings, cost reductions and additional revenues. A highly integrated, dynamic and sustainable chain of companies that purchase each other's quality products, services and processes. This case will invoke dialogue to boost water into a value driver, not only for AkzoNobel but for the whole supply chain and users from cross sectoral activities and markets.

Industrial, Regional supply chain users from a.o.: chemical, metal processing, packaging, construction materials and energy producers. Besides regional connectors this case will invoke dialogue with supply chain stakeholders and experts for sharing insides and resources.

Topics to address, within the international context of the AIWW:

  • Recovery of valuable materials,
  • Factory Footprint and improved impact,
  • Similar regional supply chain initiatives,
  • Regional and local stakeholder participation processes,
  • Finance strategy and implementation,
  • Creation of vibrant new (material) markets and platforms to exchange knowledge,
  • Support in upgrading from pilot scale to full scale operational level (lessons learned),
  • Handling legislation issues.

CASE 2 | Cities

Case name

Resilient Rotterdam from strategy to implementation

Case owner

City of Rotterdam


Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb
Chief Resilience Officer Arnoud Molenaar


strategy-resilient-rotterdam-web3Rotterdam is member of the 100 Resilient Cities program pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation. In this context the City of Rotterdam has launched its first ever Resilience Strategy in May 2016 (www.resilientrotterdam.nl). Together with several departments and stakeholders in the city this Resilience Strategy has been developed as follow up on the climate change adaptation strategy in 2013. The need for a next step in climate resilience is clear. This step will include cross overs between social challenges, climate change, governance issues, transitions in energy and digitization.

Specific challenges addressed in this strategy and it’s action plan are for example:
a) the cyber resilience of our water system;
b) vertical evacuation in case of a flood event;
c) the use of flexible temporary flood defenses during a flood event.

Potential partners in these specific topics are respectively:
a) Delfland Water Authority,
b) Water management Dept., and
c) Valorisation Program Delta and Water technology (VP Delta) 

Topics to address, within the international context of the AIWW:

  • Are there similar initiatives and best practices known in other cities?
  • Support in research and in upgrading from demonstration stage to pilot scale or even operational level?
  • Are there any cities or regions looking for support from Rotterdam and it’s partners, including start ups?
  • Stimulate promising upscaling and implementation
  • Involvement of Citizens

For more information please contact Edyta Wisniewska e.wisniewska@nwp.nl, Coordinator Resilient Cities AIWW

CASE 3 | Utilities

Case name

Clean Capital: Combining research and match making between waste and innovative technologies

Case owner

Waternet, City of Amsterdam


Roelof Kruize, CEO Waternet


fosfaatjeWaternet, the Port of Amsterdam and waste to energy company AEB started the Clean Capital initiative. Within Clean Capital, joint research is performed to produce energy and residuals from waste (water). Aside from the research the website CleanCapital.nl or CleanCapital.Amsterdam will be launched. The platform is a market place where waste streams are offered and innovative parties can present their technologies that upgrade waste streams into valuable resources.

Currently the Clean Capital initiative operates in the metropolitan region Amsterdam. To stimulate the transition to a circular economy, expansion of the initiative is desired. The economy of scale will help to enlarge the supply and the demand for renewable recourses. Therefore, new revenue models are welcome. Development of these models will accelerate the value of platforms like CleanCapital. Generating a central location where quantity, quality and continuity of the waste water effluent is secured.

Besides the initiating parties, other stakeholders can positively influence the success of the Clean Capital initiative, some by organizing legislation, some by sharing insides and resources.

Topics to address, within the international context of the AIWW:

  • Are there similar initiatives like Clean Capital?
  • Support in upgrading the research from the demonstration stage to pilot scale or even operational level (eg. PowerToProtein.eu, Waste to Aromatics)
  • Support for start ups
  • Stimulate promising research
  • Create platforms to exchange knowledge
  • Marketing
  • Support to tackle obstructions in existing legislation which hinder new developments

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