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Side events

The Amsterdam International Water Week is hosting several side events on Monday, October 30th, Wednesday November 1st, Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd. Please note that some side events are open and you are invited to join, while others have an 'invitation only' policy. 

Monday 30 October


Valuing Water Initiative
Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, Kingdom of the Netherlands
Monday 30 October (09:00 - 13:00)

Early 2017, the High Level Panel on Water (HLPW) started a global initiative on valuing water. The idea was that better valuing water could be instrumental in reducing water stress and better managing competing water claims (watch this short video). Over the past 9 months broad consultations have taken place to identify how to operationalize this. Consensus is emerging that stakeholders and decision makers consistently apply the following principles: 1.) Recognize Water’s Multiple Value; 2.) Build Trust; 3.) Protect the Sources; 4.) Educate to Empower; and 5.) Invest and Innovate. The AIWW session aims to explore examples how to apply these principles (or what goes wrong if and when they are not). The session will solicit pledges from relevant stakeholders and decision makers, specifying what they will do to better value water. Results of the session will be shared with the Dutch PM who leads the valuing water initiative in the HLPW, and who has committed to “lead by example”. In other words, join the session, and share what you will do to value water better! Your best initiatives may end up being endorsed by the High Level Panel on Water!

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Responding to risks of extreme events to advance climate change adaptation
IHE Delft and IWA
Monday 30 October (09:00 - 15:45)

The EC funded PEARL project demonstrates solutions to government’s and water practitioners on adaptive risk management measures for coastal cities against extreme hydro-meteorological events (with the focus on floods and storm surges). In this event the science behind the PEARL framework and its application in case study cities across Europe, Asia and the Caribbean will be presented. Bridging the science to practice will be demonstrated in the form of roadmaps where presenters will discuss the way forward to building resilience and adapting to climate change in cities such as Hamburg, Genova, Rethymno, Greve, Les Boucholeurs, Marbella, the Islands of St Maarten and St Lucia, Ayuthaya and Bangkok in Thailand and Tainan in Taiwan.

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Engagement and partnership development - success factors for applying integrated water approaches in Latin America
NWP (Netherlands Water Partnership) as part of Partners for Water
Monday 30 October (13:00 - 15:30)

Global water challenges are mostly caused by the constant pressure of society and economic sectors, through multiple and progressive interventions, on catchment areas, coastal zones and cities. There is a need to develop a long-term vision that includes solutions that can ensure water availability and security for a sustainable socio-economic development in the region. The inclusiveness of all relevant actors (government, private sector, knowledge institutions and civil society) and the development of partnerships are success-factors by the definition of such a vison and its strategic implementation.

This side event addresses these issues for three countries in Latin America. In an interactive and constructive way, we aim to discuss three water related case studies geographically located in Colombia, Chile and Panama, with the aim to identify success factors in integrated water management approaches in those countries and cooperation perspectives. The cases that will be discussed all focus on integrated approaches, but connect to specific challenges in the field of efficient drinking water supply, urban water management, and river basin governance. The expected outcomes of the session will be useful and inspirational for those involved in water projects in Latin America. More information >>

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A DROP THE MIC Event: Pitches on African Water Innovations
VIA Water and NWP (Netherlands Water Partnership)
Monday 30 October (13:30 - 15:30)

VIA Water and the NWP welcome you to the DROP THE MIC Event: Pitches on African Water Innovations at the Amsterdam International Water Week at RAI Amsterdam. Here, African innovators pitch their VIA Water solutions for urban water problems and you will be able to have a meet & greet with the water experts from Dutch embassies in Africa. You will learn what lies in the heart of African water innovations, you will connect with innovators and join a network of Dutch and African forward thinkers on water issues in a global development context. 

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Wednesday 1 November


Roadmaps towards climate change adaptation
IHE Delft and IWA
Wednesday 1 November (12:30 - 14:00)

The world is changing, becoming increasingly complex. Climate change is the environmental problem of the 21st century contributing to the complexity, and introducing unpredictable changes with potentially harmful consequences to growing urban settings. Following the case session “Resilient Regions and Climate Change adaptation” (Wednesday, 1 November 2017, 11:00-12:30), case study representatives will be taken into a-world-café-style roundtable discussions delving into actions towards climate change adaptation for their respective cities. The session provides participants with an interactive space to probe further into roadmaps for the development of adaptive, sociotechnical measures and strategies.  Join Dr. Sutat Weesakul, Director of the Hydro and Agro Informatics Insitute, Kurt Ruan, Project Manager of VROMI, Dr. Lai, Director General, Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs and other local stakeholders as we respond to the realities of today, the uncertainties of the future and seek to become more climate resilient.

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Thursday 2 November


QUICS: Quantification of Uncertainties in Integrated Catchment Studies
Delft University of Technology
Thursday 2 November (09:00 - 18:00)

The deadlines for compliance with the WFD are getting closer and closer. As most of the no regret and relatively cheap measures have already been taken, huge investments may be necessary for compliance. This requires an integrated approach to be able to derive the optimal set of measures in integrated catchment studies. However, given the complexity of these model based studies, associated uncertainties may be extremely high. In this field the EU funded FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) Quantifying Uncertainty in Integrated Catchment Studies (QUICS) performs high quality research for developing and implementing uncertainty analysis tools for Integrated Catchment Modelling. More information >>   

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Smart Water Management Symposium: Unravelling the value of sensors and data
Smart Water for Europe project (SW4EU)
Thursday 2 November (10:00 - 18:00)

What will the drinking water supply networks of the future look like? Which technologies will lead the way and how smart are they really? Step into this future at the Smart Water Management Symposium – where the incredible value of sensors and data will be unravelled. At this symposium, the Smart Water for Europe project (SW4EU), co-funded by the EU, will present its results as well as best practices on leak detection, water quality, customer interaction and energy optimization. Join the Smart Water Management Symposium on 2 November 2017 in the RAI Amsterdam. More information >>

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