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Resilient City Leaders Forum

The Resilient Cities Leaders Forum (RCLF) contributes to the debate on how cities think about global risks, mitigate them and strengthen resilience. Cities and their partners will pitch concrete cases and focus on specific city challenges and opportunities. Cases like Poznan’s sustainable investments and finance for the River Warta Development, Cartagena’s Mobility by Water programme, Tirana’s smart city solutions and green infrastructure as an efficient means in tackling climate change challenges, Resilient Semarang, and Kajjansi’s Junction Sustainable Learning and Circular Living Lab will be presented and discussed. Global city network organisations like C40 and Global Center of Excellence will present their ideas, followed by round table sessions with participating cities, possible solutions providers and global experts, elaborating on the presented cases. RCLF 2017 will build on the results of RCLF 2015 and other city leader forums like Adaptation Future 2016, IWA Brisbane 2016, SIWW/WCS Singapore 2016 and Embrace the water in Götenborg 2017. Outcomes will fuel cities’ local long term approaches and global discussions during future forums.

Over 20 cities* worldwide will join the RCLF 2017, among which Amsterdam, Alexandria, Amaravati, Cartagena, Copenhagen, Florence, Gdynia, Kajjansi, Kiev, Mexico City, Panama City, Poznan, Rotterdam, Singapore, Tirana, Warsaw, Venice.

*subject to change

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Case example | City of Rotterdam

Case name

Resilient Rotterdam from strategy to implementation

Case owner

City of Rotterdam


Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb
Chief Resilience Officer Arnoud Molenaar


strategy-resilient-rotterdam-web3Rotterdam is member of the 100 Resilient Cities program pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation. In this context the City of Rotterdam has launched its first ever Resilience Strategy in May 2016 (www.resilientrotterdam.nl). Together with several departments and stakeholders in the city this Resilience Strategy has been developed as follow up on the climate change adaptation strategy in 2013. The need for a next step in climate resilience is clear. This step will include cross overs between social challenges, climate change, governance issues, transitions in energy and digitization.

Specific challenges addressed in this strategy and it’s action plan are for example:
a) the cyber resilience of our water system;
b) vertical evacuation in case of a flood event;
c) the use of flexible temporary flood defenses during a flood event.

Potential partners in these specific topics are respectively:
a) Delfland Water Authority,
b) Water management Dept., and
c) Valorisation Program Delta and Water technology (VP Delta) 

Topics to address, within the international context of the AIWW:

  • Are there similar initiatives and best practices known in other cities?
  • Support in research and in upgrading from demonstration stage to pilot scale or even operational level?
  • Are there any cities or regions looking for support from Rotterdam and it’s partners, including start ups?
  • Stimulate promising upscaling and implementation
  • Involvement of Citizens

For more information please contact Edyta Wisniewska e.wisniewska@nwp.nl, Coordinator Resilient Cities AIWW

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