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Water plays a central part in society’s transition to a greener economy!

As the number three International Design Firm in Water (ENR 2017), Arcadis serves the entire water cycle; from source to tap and back again. Through our wealth of experience in the water sector, Arcadis’ specialist teams of engineers, scientists and consultants around the globe are uniquely positioned to provide safe and secure water technology that is built to withstand the demands of a rapidly changing world. We perform consulting, engineering, construction and operations services in water supply and treatment, conveyance, water management, water for industry, and conveyance markets.

Our clients are from both the public and private sectors worldwide. We advise clients on the full spectrum of water issues including advanced treatment technologies, operational sustainability and efficiency, and resiliency for protection of built and natural assets from extreme weather events. We are experts in managing rivers and coastal zones, urban and rural water, and water management projects around the globe. Our professionals create innovative solutions every day to help clients consider complex factors like climate change, aging infrastructure, and reductions in energy demand/costs to manage water resources and keep clean and safe water flowing to future generations.

Arcadis is a proud funding sponsor of AIWW 2017 and we are pleased to have been actively involved since 2007. As in previous years we are looking forward to participating throughout the whole week during this fascinating water programme. And are keen to meet you there!

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