Rijnland District Water Control Board



The Rijnland Water Board ensures clean water and dry feet. Water boards are local governmental organisations that could be compared with provinces and local councils. Rijnland's key-tasks include:

  • Ensuring that dunes, dikes and embankments are in good condition and fit to provide adequate flood-protection (flood defences);
  • Ensuring a good quality of open water so that it can be used for recreation, watering cattle and as a habitat for a large variety of plants and animals (water quality);
  • Ensuring that the waterlevels are adequate througout the area; there must be sufficient (fresh) water, not too much and not too little (water management);
  • Ensuring that polluted river, canal- and lakebeds are cleaned in order to balance the water-ecosystem so that the water provides opportunities for natural development in the countryside as well as in towns and cities (water management plus).

Providing drinking water is not one of the responsibilities of Rijnland. The watercompanies take care of this.

You will find more information (English) on our website www.Rijnland.net.