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Utility Leaders Forum

The Utility Leaders Forum (‘ULF’) catalyses discussion and partnership between local and international water and wastewater utilities. During the ULF, utility leaders from across the globe will share the challenges they are facing, with the aim of developing ideas to solve those challenges, and ultimately improve their organisations’ operational efficiencies. The ULF is split into two parts. This first session, called the Global Dialogue, will feature a panel made up of five utility leaders representing major world cities with diverse challenges and performance approaches. In the second part of the ULF, new members of the Leading Utilities of the World network will be inaugurated.

Preview of participating utilities: AYSA Buenos Aires, Beijing Water Authority, PUB Singapore, Mayoral Committee Water & Sanitation of Cape Town, Hamburg Wasser.

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Case example | Waternet Amsterdam

Case name

Clean Capital: Combining research and match making between waste and innovative technologies

Case owner

Waternet, City of Amsterdam


Roelof Kruize, CEO Waternet


fosfaatjeWaternet, the Port of Amsterdam and waste to energy company AEB started the Clean Capital initiative. Within Clean Capital, joint research is performed to produce energy and residuals from waste (water). Aside from the research the website CleanCapital.nl or CleanCapital.Amsterdam will be launched. The platform is a market place where waste streams are offered and innovative parties can present their technologies that upgrade waste streams into valuable resources.

Currently the Clean Capital initiative operates in the metropolitan region Amsterdam. To stimulate the transition to a circular economy, expansion of the initiative is desired. The economy of scale will help to enlarge the supply and the demand for renewable recourses. Therefore, new revenue models are welcome. Development of these models will accelerate the value of platforms like CleanCapital. Generating a central location where quantity, quality and continuity of the waste water effluent is secured.

Besides the initiating parties, other stakeholders can positively influence the success of the Clean Capital initiative, some by organizing legislation, some by sharing insides and resources.

Topics to address, within the international context of the AIWW:

  • Are there similar initiatives like Clean Capital?
  • Support in upgrading the research from the demonstration stage to pilot scale or even operational level (eg. PowerToProtein.eu, Waste to Aromatics)
  • Support for start ups
  • Stimulate promising research
  • Create platforms to exchange knowledge
  • Marketing
  • Support to tackle obstructions in existing legislation which hinder new developments

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